Matt Russell

Matt Russell - Graduate of Ready Arc Training and Testing.

Matt Russell

We’re always pumped to hear from our grads and get their perspective on the course here at Ready Arc. There’s nothing like first-hand feedback on their plans to move forward, to help us move forward with offering the best welding program we possibly can.

It’s time to meet Matt. Matt looked around the internet after having somewhat of an epiphany in bed one night, and then decided Ready Arc was worth the drive from Fredericton – every day for six months. Let’s see how he feels about it now that he’s one of our COVID-class grads, shall we?

Matt, what were you up to before coming to Ready Arc?

I was working away, buffing cars and detailing interiors, things like that.  It wasn’t bad, I just knew that I didn’t want to keep doing it forever. Not a career. I had never welded before I came here, but I was lying in bed one day after a night shift, just feeling like I wasn’t making enough money and that I could do better.

I’ve always been good with my hands and at problem-solving. I just started looking around online and came across Ready Arc. I read all the reviews and was intrigued. I decided to check it out and drove down from Fredericton to sit down and talk with Jason. I was sold after that, and I knew it was only six months, so I decided I would drive the hour and a half every day for that long… (not that leaving at 5:30am every morning was easy).

What made you choose Ready Arc?

A big thing for me was the time, the condensed program of 6 months vs a year anywhere else. It was good to know I wouldn’t be out of work that long – and that I would come out on the other side of grad with more tickets than other programs. As soon as I came down, saw the shop and met everybody – I knew I wanted to come here. The small class size and all the good reviews made it an easy decision too.

So, how was your six months with us?

It was great. Steve, Butch and Jason were always nearby and ready to help if you had any questions, and always willing to show you how it’s done. If you are ahead, they just let you be ahead and keep working to get better and better. If someone falls behind a little, they’re always there to do whatever it takes to help you catch up. I’ll be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge they gave me.

In the classroom was great too (even with COVID rules, we always got everything done). We graduated ahead of schedule and it didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything. We didn’t skip anything in the classroom or in the shop and came out fully prepared to start our welding careers.

You made it to graduation day. What’s next?

Ideally, I’d like to get on with a larger company, but I’ll take whatever I need to do to get my hours and move through my blocks. I’m happy to be flexible in order to move forward, and I know it will all pay off later. It’ll all be worth it to just put my head down and work for another couple years on getting through my apprenticeship.