About Ready Arc Welding School

We’re all in.

When it comes to the world of welding, that’s what we are: All in. Since taking ownership of this local welding school in 2013, the team at Ready Arc has worked relentlessly to ...

Champion support for all things welding.

Ready Arc has come a long way through careful planning and investment into what benefits welders, clients, and students - now and in the future. We’re loud about it too. We put ourselves out there and we get involved.

Foster a spark in the next generation of welders.

We’re in it for the long haul to support bringing young people into the welding trade, setting them up for success, and creating a sustainable career path. We take great pride in helping people see their own potential and supporting their individual journeys to success through hard work and expert guidance. We tell our welding school students that if you’re putting in the work, you’ll see the rewards.

Collaborate for growth and opportunity in the trades.

We take pride in supporting growth, opportunity, and interest in the trades everywhere possible - within our shop and classroom walls, with government and industry, and in our communities and schools.

In Our Industry

We keep ongoing consultations with industry, government, and clients at the top of our to-do list.

We’re always evolving to align and update our welding school curriculum, making sure it stays relevant to whatever is happening in the world of welding.

Initiatives like working with local unions to build Red Seal Pathways for members ensure that people who are serious about their future in the trades have a path to get there.

Welding School Instructors at Ready Arc Welder Training and Testing
Welding students at Readt Arc Welding and Testing

In Our High Schools

Partnerships with local high schools to host pro-bono training and CWB Testing Sessions helps keep the spark alive and show career path opportunities to the next generation of welders.

Facilitating industry support to equip high school welding classes with what they need to succeed sets them up for that success - and ignites their spark to do more, with more.

We’ve also created a free summer training program for local high school welding teachers. What better way to give high schoolers the best possible start than to level up teachers’ skills so they can confidently transfer the knowledge?

In Our Welding School

We’re always ready for you to walk in and get to work.

From our clean, bright and well-maintained shop with 18 fully-equipped welding booths, bend test equipment and automatic bandsaw and lathe (to fabricate our own coupons); we train & test in all major processes such as SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW-P.

When it’s time to hit the books, the classroom is clean, quiet and fully separated from the shop - with custom-built desks, comfortable chairs, lockers and lunch facilities.

Students at Ready Arc Training and Testing