Emma McMillan

Emma McMilllan, a Ready Arc Training and Testing Welding School graduate.

Emma McMillan

Emma, what were you up to before coming here?

I was sewing boat interiors but knew it wasn’t for me. So I decided to apply to Ready Arc for next March (2024), as they were full. But they had a last-minute cancellation and I knew I couldn’t miss my chance.

Why welding?
I always knew I couldn’t sit behind a desk and I’ve always really enjoyed working with my hands. Out of all the trades welding is what attracted me the most. I tried mig welding twice before going and figured I’d take the risk.

What made you choose Ready Arc?

When I mentioned welding to my stepdad, he said he knew one of the instructors at Ready Arc and would message him for information. It was well known that Ready Arc is the best school. The short time for the cost and everything you get, it’s worth it.

So, how were your six months with us?

It was awesome. Our class worked really well together and we’re supportive. I really enjoyed listening and learning from our instructors. They are passionate about what they do, and want their students to do the best they can.

You made it to graduation day. What’s next?

I may have a possible job at the Irving Refinery in Saint John, starting in September. Not exactly sure where I want to go just yet, so I’m just looking to get working and get experience.