International Students

International Welding School Students

Ready Arc is proud to be able to welcome international welding school students into Canada, and into our trade.

We’re recognized as a Learning Institute by Citizenship & Immigration Canada and hold a valid Designated Learning Institution Number, meaning that the Government of Canada permits us to accept international students into our 24-Week Beginner's Welding Program.

Ready Arc's DLI # is O138505979102

Our spot on the Designated Learning Institutions list, along with other resources you'll need to prepare for studying in Canada, can be found HERE.

This can be a very complex process, do your research!

Ready Arc takes a personalized approach to admissions for international welding school students - and all of our students. We work closely with potential students to determine eligibility, and not everyone is accepted.

Begin the process by filling out our online pre-application form or by reaching out if you have questions.

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International Welding School Students of Ready Arc Training and Testing