Richard Teare

Richard Teare - Graduate of Ready Arc Training and Testing

Richard Teare

et’s meet a Star Student from our September 2020 class, who we’ve dubbed our most resilient class ever. They didn’t miss a beat, even after being sent home for a bit when COVID hit. They picked up right where they left off when they got back to the classroom and shop, easily adjusting to the “new normal” and missing NOTHING from the curriculum. And get this – they even made it to graduation day ahead of schedule. We think that’s dedication worth celebrating. Meet Richard Teare.


So Richard, what were you up to before coming here?

I was actually already welding for a company here in Saint John. I had just finished a steel fabrication course about 7-8 months before…but I knew I wanted my pipe tickets too.


Why welding?

To be honest, I just love burning rods and being under the hood. I could weld all day long and be happy. And you know what? I actually like the challenge of getting down in the tough dirty spots where no one else wants to go.


What made you choose Ready Arc?

Compared to my previous experience in steel fabrication, I just found that some other courses aren’t where I think they should be, like spending way more time in the classroom than in the shop and feeling like I was just “pushing wire” when I was in the shop.

The Ready Arc course is bang on, the experience is so much better, and you get tons of time in the shop. The number of tickets you get here put it over the top for me – so many more than other programs.


So, how were your six months with us?

It was awesome. This is such a great place to be and learn. The atmosphere is really good, and the instructors constantly drive and push you to give it your all and that you can always be better. They really mean it when they say they want to produce the best welders here – it’s obvious once you’re here and learning from the pros.


You made it to graduation day. What’s next?

I’m looking forward to taking the next steps in an apprenticeship, progressing in the trade and into my welding career.  My ultimate goal is to get my Red Seal, and then turn back to steel fabrication and get my Red Seal in that too. Down the road, I’d even like to open my own business.

I’m lucky enough to have a flexible position with a local shop that will also allow me to pursue a spot on a call list, which gives me a backup plan for steady work. Plus, I get a little bit of everything there as far as experience, and I need all the experience I can get my hands on to make the most of my career.