Olivia Proctor

Olivia Proctor - Graduate of Ready Arc Training and Testing

Olivia Proctor

Meet Olivia! This star student joined us after trying her hand at another course but knew when she stepped in the door here at Ready Arc that she’d made the best choice for what she wanted her career path to look like.


Olivia, what were you up to before coming here?

Before landing here, I actually went to another school to take Welding Technology. It wasn’t for me. I decided I didn’t want to be in robotics or program something to weld, I wanted to BE the welder. I held out until Christmas break, then went to work for a couple of months until the day I came to Ready Arc.


Why welding?

I could never have an office job, I’ve just never been one to sit behind a desk. I did well in high school, but I wouldn’t say I really liked it. Back in Grade 11 at Sussex High, I got to pick some of my courses and I chose Metal Fab. As soon as I got into the shop, I knew it was what I wanted to do and I’ve never changed my mind.


What made you choose Ready Arc?

I heard about Ready Arc back in high school through my welding instructor. I already knew Steve (general manager and one of the instructors), and I applied to Ready Arc and a few other schools right out of high school. For some reason, I chose Welding Technology to start with, but after I decided that wasn’t for me, I knew I wanted to come to Ready Arc. It’s all welding, all the time, and you’re always in the shop. As soon as I did my interview with Jason, it was a no-brainer. I liked the shop, I liked him and I already knew I liked Steve. It was the right fit.


So, how was your six months with us?

Intense. I actually failed my first welding test, and that was heartbreaking. But Jason told me “if you stop trying, that’s when you’re failing” so I stayed in the shop after the test. I welded and welded and welded – and then I got it, and I’ve gotten every other ticket since. I actually kind of appreciate that I failed my first test, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what it’s like to fail – and I needed that personally. It was a wake-up moment. I expected to fly through the course, and the first test taught me that I need to put in a little more. The instructors here push you a lot and they care about your success, and it’s nice. The other course I took wasn’t like that.


You made it to graduation day. What’s next?

I’ve applied with a company here in Saint John and one in Halifax, and I’m just waiting to hear back. I think I’d like to get into pipe fitting. I would say I’m a homebody by nature, but I am totally willing to pursue opportunities elsewhere and see where things go!