Madison Thorne

Madison Thorne - Graduate of Ready Arc Training and Testing

Madison Thorne

Madison, from our August 2021 grads is one of FOUR women who joined us this round (in case you missed the group photo on Facebook, that’s HALF the class!). Let us introduce you to Madison, whose spark for welding was truly ignited during her time with us.


Madison, what were you up to before coming here?

Before I started at Ready Arc, I was working a full-time job at a hospital, in foodservice. I would say that makes welding a complete career shift for me and a completely new atmosphere. It couldn’t be more different and I couldn’t be happier with my choice!


Why welding?

I had personally always just thought welding was extremely cool. There came a day a while back that I met someone from a union, who allowed me to visit and experience a hands-on taste of what welding was actually like. I really enjoyed it (just like I thought I would!), so I was pointed towards Ready Arc. This was the place to be, so here I am.


What made you choose Ready Arc?

I’ve been told that if you want to get more out of a welding course than anywhere else – go to Ready Arc. Quite simply, it is THE place to be if you want to learn to weld and if you truly want to be a good welder. If you want a great start to a welding career, Ready Arc is the place.


So, how were your six months with us?

In the beginning, with blueprints and things like that – I did struggle a bit. But the instructors are amazing. Steve is really good at explaining things and he’s excellent at guiding you. And Butch, I love Butch (so does everyone else). He’ll teach you everything he knows and it’s just amazing to see him give all that he’s learned over the years back to us as students.

In the welding shop, I just got right in there and I just did it. It seemed to just come to me, and my passion for the industry grew at the same time, to be more than anything I could have imagined.


You made it to graduation day. What’s next?

Hoping to go back to where I first started this experience, and I already have an interview lined up. I’m leaning towards and hoping for an apprenticeship, and I’m looking forward to testing the waters. I’m 100% happy with my new career choice, and definitely with my choice to train with Ready Arc.